Posted on: November 13, 2008 7:14 am

Boston wins on Pierce fall away jumper


         The Atlanta Hawks 6-0 record came to an end last night , when Paul Pierce's dramatic fallaway jumper fell in with :5 seconds remaining.  The (8-1) Boston Celtics won by a score of 103-102 Wednsday night in Boston.  Last night's win made it the eigth straight win at home against the Hawks, including the four playoff games last spring.

          "The last play was drawn up, said Garnett; get pierce the ball and get the hell out of the way.  "Superman is in the booth!"  And if you don't believe Garnett just ask head coach Doc Rivers he will tell you the same thing.

            There were twelve lead changes in third quarter alone.  Paul Pierce scored thirty-four points,Kevin Garnett finished with twentey-five points and twelve rebounds, and Ray Allen added seventeen points also.  The Big three paved the way for the Celtics last night.

            " A great player made a great shot last night!".  Added head coach Mike Woodson.






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Posted on: February 12, 2008 2:26 pm

Bud Selig must come clean

Everybody know's he knew about the steroids, but he chose to look away during the Sosa/McGwire homerun chase that brought baseball back into the light.  Following the dark days of the 1994 strike.

If John Rocker's comments are legit (which I believe hold some truth), then Selig must endure the same scrutiny that the rest of the players are enduring. He must not walk away from this clean. It will be a great in-justice for Major League Baseball.

Selig should be hounded like Barry Bonds,Roger Clemmens, and some of the other elite players that are being persacuted.

I agree that Jose Canseco and John Rocker are idiots, but there has been some legitacy in thier coming out about steroids.

This is a team sport,so know it's time for the front office to take their share of the blame, instead of scape-goating the players who have made their empire wealthy rich.


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